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Changelog 23.04.2023 - 23.05.2023 (190 fixes)

Dev Requests (2)
Galleon Reduced respawn time to 15minutes
World bosses Only players with level at least 85 will be eligible for loot
Spells (31)
Death Knight
#4021 Fixed issue where Asphyxiate stopped working when overlapping with another stun
#2456 Ebon Gargoyle now correctly inherits player's haste
#3660 Fixed positive spells immunity for targets in Cyclone
#3372 Refreshed Starfall now triggers the correct amount of falling stars
#2385 Fixed visual issue with previous aspect being displayed as still active after use of Aspect of the Iron Hawk
#2402 Fixed visual issue with cooldown sometimes not being shown
#2953 Fixed issue with secondary missiles ignoring rooted targets
#2684 Fixed visual issue with cooldown sometimes not being shown
#3893 Chi Wave no longer ends prematurely when it bounces to a nearby friendly target while in a duel
#3882 Fists of Fury now correctly splits damage over all targets
#4025 Fixed issue where spell was castable after Soothing Mist was interrupted
#3600 Fixed issue where redirected damage didn't ignore resilience
#3362 Taunting a creature that is attacking a different player with tanking specialization now only gives Vengeance to players with tanking specialization
#3831 Psyfiend no longer tries to target dead players with his Psychic Terror
#3838 Master of Subtlety is now correctly removed when changing talent specialization while stealthed
#3828 Ruthlessness no longer aggroes creatures when triggered from Slice and Dice or Recuperate while out of combat
#4019 Fixed visual issue with cooldown sometimes not being shown
#3912 Seed of Corruption's explosion now correctly applies Corruption even to targets far away from the casting Warlock
Aura of Indomitability now correctly makes targets immune to crowd control effects
#3621 Using Goblin Glider now removes Horde Flag and Alliance Flag in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks
#3879 Fixed issue with wrong spell hit position when target was moving
#3635 Looting a Golden Lotus now correctly triggers Luck of the Lotus buff
Molten Fists no longer attacks players and keeps them in combat
#3724 Mounting a Red Flying Cloud no longer causes issues with camera and collision
Dispels now remove all stacks of Remorseless Winter at once
#3923 The Tendril's won't apply its aura on players in different phase
Shadow's Fury no longer attacks players and keeps them in combat
#4078 Added Weakened Soul debuff when shield is broken
#3878 Thunder's Call no longer follows and attacks players
#4052 Fixed issue with damage being sometimes done in wrong direction
#3689 Reaching maximum Valor Points for the week on one character now applies Valor of the Ancients to all characters on the same account
Mechanics (2)
Bad Luck Protection Enabled bad luck protection for bonus loot (effective for world bosses and Raid Finder)
#3947 Daily cooldowns (Crafting etc.) Fixed cooldown to properly remove at daily reset when used after midnight
General (21)
#3974 Alliance transfer Pearfin Jinyu are no longer hostile to Alliance players who used faction change
#3714 Dead on Mount LFG will revive player before teleporting out of dungeon
#39 Fishing Add fishing pools of Jewel Danio
#39 Fishing Reduce fishing requirements for all MoP zones
#39 Fishing Added missing spawns for Jewel Danio School
#3717 Golden Lotus for Spirit of Harmony Players can now buy 3 Golden Lotuses for 1 Spirit of Harmony - this will be changed back to 2 Golden Lotuses for 1 Spirit of Harmony in patch 5.1
#4079 Herb node under texture Removed some invalid spawns
Professions All profession recipes that are automatically learned after reaching a certain skill are now learned immediately upon reaching required skill, instead of after relogging
#4083 Raid Finder Bosses will drop containers instead of gold
#4083 Raid Finder Changed default loot method in Raid Finder instances to Need Before Greed
#4083 Raid Finder Killing all bosses in Raid Finder instance now properly rewards players with gold and Valor Points, leaving finished instance no longer applies Deserter
#4083 Raid Finder Killing bosses in Raid Finder instances no longer applies instance lock
#4083 Raid Finder Disabled Raid Finder instances from later content patches
#4083 Raid Finder Added minimum item level requirements for all Raid Finder instances
#4083 Raid Finder Players in Raid Finder no longer get Luck of the Draw buff
#4083 Raid Finder Fixed a bug which caused Raid Finder UI to display current queue status as "Paused"
#3577 Rare NPC CC Immunity Fixed immunities
#44 Skinning Fixed required Skinning skill for creatures with level 85 or above
Vale of Eternal Blossoms portals/teleports Convert Vale of Eternal Blossoms portal/teleport mage spells during faction change
#4027 Vein spawn out of reach Removed three Ghost Iron Deposits with wrong position in Vale of Eternal Blossoms
#3286 nefunkční ignore v instanci Fix ignore check for instance, party and raid groups
PvP (5)
#4070 Arena team player text + time remaining is missing Show remaining players and time UI in arenas
#3737 Valor -> Conquest conversion Removed option to convert Valor Points to Conquest Points
#921 [Battleground] Global PvP interface now correctly show conquest point rewards for Arenas and Battlegrounds
#921 [Battleground] Global Fixed remaining time shown in WSG and TP battlegrounds
#921 [Battleground] Global Fixed occasional freeze after start of Arena or Battleground
World Event (1)
#3959 Children's Week Fixed achievements and quests
Quests (39)
Classes - Rogue
#3299 Allow players to retrieve Shadowy Gems from Elementium Gem Cluster
Eastern Kingdoms - Burning Steppes
#2585 Corrected required supplies for some races
Kalimdor - Mount Hyjal
#3060 Fixed the Alysra being present during the quest
Kalimdor - Orgrimmar
#4089 Added missing race requirements
Northrend - Howling Fjord
#2661 Prevent player from grapping more than one sack at time
Northrend - The Storm Peaks
#3212 Fix vehicle movement
#2787 Fixed the quest credit being given
Outland - Blade\'s Edge Mountains
#4101 Fixed item cooldown
Outland - Netherstorm
#3301 Fix choice reward for this quest + other with same issue
Outland - Shadowmoon Valley
#2215 Reduced melee damage of Karsius the Ancient Watcher
Professions - Fishing
#3206 Fixed visuals
The Maelstrom - Tol Barad Peninsula
#2751 Fix boat model
#3953 Reward quest credit after challenge completed (also for other A Worthy Challenge dailies)
#3351 Do not despawn quest giver after Wil'hai is freed
#3306 Fixed quest chaining
#3352 Fix interaction with cage while on max range
#1647 Quest credits don't depend on bosses order now
Uncategorized - Battle Pets
#3470 Fixed quest credit, removed from game until patch 5.3
Uncategorized - Dread Wastes
#3610 Added spawn points for Pheromone Mines, quest added to daily rotation pool
Uncategorized - Krasarang Wilds
#2079 Fixed traps detonation trigger radius
Uncategorized - Proving Grounds
#1680 Removed Proving Grounds from the game (will be back in patch 5.4)
Uncategorized - Scenario
#4006 Removed Heroic Deeds from the game (will be back in patch 5.3)
Uncategorized - The Jade Forest
#1116 Fix barrel explosion
#1836 Fix the spawn duplicity during the quest progression
#3509 Seed of Doubt's Infest Spiders now only targets Widowspawns
#3932 Modified serpent speed calculation, reworked Cloud Rings refill pooling, player will not get quest credit when he is not riding a serpent
Uncategorized - Townlong Steppes
#3450 Fixed the issue where quest worked only after server restart
#3435 Fixed the issue where quest worked only after server restart
#3629 Interacting with Mogu Burial Urns now correctly spawns Shan'ze Ancestors
#3733 The Faerie can be targeted now
Uncategorized - Vale of Eternal Blossoms
#3609 Twisted Tormentors now evade when player leaves Spirit Void and despawn after evade
#2205 You have to heal Wounded Defender to at least 50% to get credit
#3550 Fix quest credit, quest profession requirement, removed from game (added in patch 5.2)
#3948 Do not remove source item on quest abandon
#3627 Defeating a Shado-Pan Trainee no longer grants more than one quest credit when in a party
Uncategorized - Valley of the Four Winds
#4022 Modified visibility condition in case player did not follow intented chaining, chaining correction
#4007 Lin Tenderpaw quest now becomes unavailable if player rewards quest Stemming the Swarm first
#1216 Mothfighters should help player during fight
#1266 Allow only summoner to interact with Tiny Weed
Achievements (16)
#3954 Fixed Bad Example achievement
#3722 Fixed Collateral Damage achievement
#3961 Fixed Daily Chores achievement
#3962 Fixed Hail To The King, Baby achievement
#3960 Fixed Home Alone achievement
#3900 Damage is now tracked properly while on Uruk! quest even if player accepts this quest from quest log
#3906 Fixed achievement objectives
#3854 Fixed Master of All achievement
#4051 Reworked achievement criteria
#3891 Fixed kill credit for Aetha
#3746 Fixed One Step at a Time achievement
#3982 Pandaren Ambassador now rewards players with a correct faction mount
#4088 Fix achievement criteria
#3970 Fixed School of Hard Knocks achievement
#3896 Krik'thik Hivelings now run further when burning and give achievement credit to player who threw Ignitable Oil Bucket instead of Shado-Pan Torch
#2170 Completed criteria no longer resets
Factions (1)
#3899 Harvesting crops will reward reputation
NPCs (39)
Dun Morogh
#3346 Azsh'ir Infantry now attacks nearby players
Eastern Plaguelands
#3658 Guards should attack hostile player even on spell cast
Grizzly Hills
#3344 Added gossip option to revive battle pets to almost all Stable Masters where it is missing
Krasarang Wilds
#2078 Fixed visbility of Murkscale Striker
Mogu'shan Vaults
#2112 Catastrophic Anomaly correctly wipe players now
#2112 Radiating Energies is not causing pushback now
#2112 Rework Touch of the Titans debuff for all NPCs, players and pets in encounter
#2112 Celestial Protector dont get 90% reduction in outer circle bellow 25% health
#2112 Fixed platform texture bellow Elegon. Players now able to use movement abilities like Shadowstep, Charge etc.
#2112 Fixed bug, when two Energy Charge sometimes choose same pillar.
#2110 Spiritual Grasp now hit only one player
#2110 Boss correctly stop cast totems bellow 20% health
#2110 Fixed bug, when Boss cast Basnishment less often
#2108 Stone Guards now cast Power Down only on heroic mode
#2108 Stone Guards now lose energy on 25m normal if there is no other Stone Guard
#2108 Jasper Chains now correctly target players without Jasper Chains
#2113 Fixed Courage Focused Defense targeting
Mount Hyjal
#4071 Added more conditions to prevent infinite contested PVP state
#2755 Creature will cast Reflective shield when health drops below 50%
Added spawn point for Alowicious Czervik
Stormwind City
#3424 Added missing trainer spells
Terokkar Forest
#4110 Added gossip option to attack quest giver in case player forgot to accept quest
The Jade Forest
#1250 Fixed Abandoned Kite taxi function in The Jade Forest
#3458 Added trainer spells
#3720 Huo the Firestarter can now sell items to players
#3719 Jolly Chao can now sell items to players
#3712 Player should not be pulled to upper level when phase change
#3459 Do not allow this creature be killed by other NPCs
#3457 Added missing trainer spells
Thousand Needles
#3308 Do not allow swiming NPCs to move away too far from spawn point
Vale of Eternal Blossoms
#3624 Spirit of Harmony vendors now sell Restored Artifacts for Spirit of Harmony
Valley of the Four Winds
#3530 NPC added to all phases
#3984 Added Straw Hat items to vendor
#3541 Jogu the Drunk now correctly predicts which crops will yield bonus amount the next day
Ook-Ook no longer attacks nearby players and cannot be killed now
Ook-Ook no longer casts Chuck Barrel on players in different phases
#4082 Fix farmhand gossip option
#3434 Added missing gossip
Multiple Locations
Generic Bunny is no longer visible to players
Items (30)
#3618 Fix bonus loot from fishing pools
#1294 Added missing mounts
#1294 Should always drop at least one item
#3438 Fix item
#3487 Added Camouflage Retinal Armor to Engineering trainers
#3936 Celestial Blessings are now correctly removed when teleporting out of Pandaria
#3892 Nomi will not participate in combat
#3223 Allow only horde players to loot this item
#3986 Change to horde variant after faction change + other PVP trinkets
#4004 Reduced chance for Enigma Seed to turn into Golden Lotus (will be changed back in patch 5.1)
#4114 Reworked Maiden of Winter's Breath Lake reset, fixed spell error message
#3708 Nest and egg game objects removed from game (patch 5.4+)
#2520 Fixed issue with secondary missile ignoring rooted targets
#3604 Golden Fleece now only drops from Omnis Grinlok
Pandaria herbs no longer have a rare chance to drop Golden Lotus (will be back in patch 5.1)
#3486 Hardened Shell now correctly dismounts players
#4045 Reduced LFR item drop chance from world boss containers
#3608 Fix friendship reputation rank conditions
#3955 Orcish Orphan now correctly follows players
#3840 Corrected the amount of herbs contained in Pandaria Herbs
#4049 Fixed
#1707 Increased drop chance
#3572 Fixed Puntable Marmot
#3338 Only one Ravasaur Matriarch's Nest will be spawned at time
#4015 Fixed buff
#3468 Added Sha-Touched Leather to skinning loot
#3697 Added Specialized Retinal Armor to Engineering trainers
#3915 The Flag of Ownership can no longer be used on creature corpses
#3431 Removed tier 3 rings from black market
#3637 Sky Race placement aura will stay after quest is rewarded to give proper reward from this item
Objects (3)
#3508 Dark Soil is no longer interactible while having Best Friend status with all Tillers
#3165 Reworked fishing schools in Outland
#4102 Added missing texts