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2.Ashyo's Vision
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Ashyo's Vision

Speak with Ashyo at the Pools of Purity and observe his ritual.
The following spell will be cast on you:
Cancel Ashyo Invis Aura + Trigger Summon

Relevant Locations

These NPCs or objects can be found in Valley of the Four Winds (4).


Have a look at that!

<Ashyo motions at the massive waterfall to the north.>

This must be the water supply for the whole valley!

Think about it, <name>: the pandaren use this water to grow vegetables the size of a house. Where could it come from? What is so special about it?

The elders among my people know a technique for speaking with the water and divining the future. Perhaps this same technique can provide insight into the water's source...

It's worth a shot at least!


What is that jinyu up to over there?


I can't believe he was able to see that with a stick... perhaps there is more to "crazy jinyu rituals" than we thought.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 129000 experience (at level 86)