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Quick Facts
  • Level: 89
  • Requires level: 88
  • Side: Both
  • Start: Orbiss
  • End: Orbiss
  • Status: Working
Open Quests
Related Flags
  • Sharable
  • AutoSubmit

The Torches

Obtain 6 Mist-Shaman's Torches.
Mist-Shaman's Torch (6)

Relevant Locations

These NPCs or objects can be found in Townlong Steppes (2).


Until recently, the yaungol shaman would come here to work alongside us. Now, they bend my people to their will.

If we refuse, they kill us. Even if we oblige... they kill us.

The yaungol mist-shaman's magic flows through his torch. Take his torch away, and he has nothing.


I can use these torches in my revenge.

I have not succumbed to this wound yet. I can still have my revenge before I die.

There is time yet.


This torch... the yaungol once used these to communicate with me, with my people.

Now, they use them to undo us.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 196000 experience (at level 88)