Quick Facts
  • Level: 57
  • Requires level: 48
  • Side: Both
  • Status: Unspecified
Related Flags
  • Suggested to all party members
  • No extra money at max level
  • Completed only by script/event

A Crew Under Fire

Defend Captain Vanessa Beltis, her crew and the Horizon Scout's passengers against the naga attack. Captain Vanessa Beltis must survive.
Protect Captain Vanessa Beltis from the naga attack


We were just off the coast looking for a safe haven to make anchor. The sun hadn't been down for more than an hour when they attacked... those damned naga!

I'm not sure what they were looking for, but it's clear they didn't find it--they've already come back once. A couple of my scouts are on watch at the entrance of the valley to give us fair warning when the next attack comes.

I'm sorry you've come along now, <name>, but it's out of my hands.

Are you ready for the fight of your life?


Have you met with Andron yet? He rarely leaves Undercity, so I don't think it'd be too hard to find him.


You've done it! Thank you! Surely this was one of the most brutal battles I've ever taken part in. I can't thank you enough.

I only wish more of my crew could have lived through this trial.

I would ask you to speak to any surviving passengers from the Horizon Scout. Some of them had business in the area, and may have a request or two of you if you're willing. Again, thank you for all your help.