Quick Facts
  • Entry: 697
  • Level: 8
  • Family: Warlock

Summon Voidwalker

Summon Voidwalker
5sec cast
Summons a Voidwalker under the command of the Warlock.

Voidwalkers can withstand heavy punishment?s124539[, disarm melee attackers][]?s103130[, deal Shadow damage to enemies who harm them][]?s103142[, increase their health when near death][]?s103128[ and taunt enemies attacking their master.][.] ?s74434[

Instant cast.][]

Details on spell

Duration n/a
School Shadow
Mechanic n/a
Dispel type n/a
cost None
Range 0 yards (0)
Cast time 5sec
Cooldown n/a
Effect #1 (56) Summon Pet (1860)
Value: 1