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A Bazillion Macaroons?!

Speak with Sassy Hardwrench at KTC Headquarters on Kezan.
The following spell will be cast on you:
A Bazillion Macaroons?!: Summon Fiery Boulder Caster

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These NPCs or objects can be found in Kezan (4).


You're an extremely ambitious young goblin, <name>. Maybe a little too ambitious for your own good. I see a lot of myself in you when I was your age.

I have a proposition. You might have noticed that Mount Kajaro is exploding thanks to your dragon. Everyone on Kezan is going to die!

But, if you bring me a bazillion macaroons before my yacht leaves the island, I'll make sure that you're one of the lucky few to escape.

If you want to live, you better hurry and figure out how to get me my moolah!


A bazillion macaroons?!?! Where are we going to get that kind of moolah?

<Sassy thinks a moment.>

Um... did the Trade Prince say anything about letting me escape with you on his yacht?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: